Powder Bath Makeover

March 28, 2015

Happy Weekend Everyone!  I am excited to share my budget friendly powder bath makeover with ya’ll.  My husband and I purchased our home almost three years ago.   The floor plan and the storage space blew me away!   We have enjoyed living here so much!  Little by little, I have enjoyed updating this house.  This powder bath was especially fun to fix up.

Here are the things I did:

1)  Ordered a wonderful black and white basket weave tile from Overstock.  Each box was right at $100 and, with 10 tiles to a box, I needed 11 boxes.   All said and done, the floor + labor was the most expensive part of this new space.   I selected a light taupe grout because white shows too much dirt, but, I wanted to keep it light and airy vs. black grout.

2) Had new wallpaper hung.  This wallpaper came from Seabrook.  * A Memphis based company.   Tip:  I waited for the Labor Day sale and the paper was 40% off per roll.  Since I have shopped for paper here for many years, the saleswoman allowed me to hold the paper (10 single rolls) until the sale went into effect.   Wasn’t that NICE of her?  A big savings!  My wallpaper lady charges $18/roll to hang, not bad.

3) Found new cabinet hardware and sink hardware at Lowe’s.   I love the shiny finish on the sink hardware!   * I used the MAGIC ERASER to remove the faucet marks that the previous sink hardware (a bit larger in circumference) left on the counter surface.

4) My tile guys removed the tile and the cabinet and laid the tile UNDER the cabinet, just in case I ever want to replace the cabinet, with a cabinet on legs, the tile is there and ready.

5) My painter gave the existing cabinet a fresh new coat of glossy white paint and, what a big difference this made!

6) The existing faux marble counter top was/is in great shape.   In order to save money, I simply kept the counter top,  and, it looks just fine.

7) I spray painted the air conditioner vent (on the floor) white.

8) Replaced the existing mirror with this gold framed mirror that I purchased at a second hand store.  The tall mirror really draws your eye up to the great 10 foot ceiling.

9) The brass sconces were already in place, but, I removed the glass/dated globes and, put in round/decorator light bulbs.

I am so pleased with how this bathroom turned out!  I hope you will feel inspired to makeover a bathroom in your house soon.  * You can use some of my budget friendly tips and, you will save a lot of money.

Powder Bath Makeover

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Truly hope you have enjoyed this post!   As always, I love living with FLAIR!



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Hello!   I have been wanting to share this quick and delicious steak recipe with you all for several weeks.   Are you needing the perfect meal for your Valentine?  Well, this steak recipe is absolutely scrumptious!   From start to finish, the steak cooks in 10-12 minutes.   I have been preparing this steak for my family once a week for months now.   The steak is lean and, cooking it in the olive oil means it is very healthy.

The best part?  The caramelized sauce in the bottom of the pan is AMAZING for dipping warm French bread in!

DSC_0478DSC_0482DSC_0484Here is the recipe:

1  8-10 ounce T-Bone steak

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup soy sauce

1 t. garlic powder

1/4 cup worcestershire sauce

1 t. ground sea salt

1 t. ground fresh black pepper

1/2 cup merlot or red wine


Rinse off steak and pat dry with paper towels.   Turn stove on high and heat up the olive oil for 3 minutes.   Add the steak to the hot pan.  Sprinkle the salt and pepper and garlic powder all over the steak.  Add soy sauce, worcestershire sauce and red wine.   Turn down heat to medium high, as needed.   Turn steak after 5 minutes.   Cover the pan.  Cook 5-6 additional minutes or until desired color in the center.   Remove steak from pan to plate.   Scrape pan with spatula (the little dark brown pieces are so good!).   Pour sauce in pan over the steak and serve.

This steak is wonderful served with a tossed green salad and roasted asparagus.

Valentine’s Day is so fun and sweet.  I hope you will prepare this steak for your special someone tomorrow night.

As Always,  Living with FLAIR,


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