A Fall Craft for Kids- Really Fun!

September 14, 2011

My daughter had a BLAST this past weekend, decorating a pumpkin.  This craft was super easy! 


1 pie pumpkin
1-2 ink dobbers  
1 bottle of glitter
craft glue
1 cardboard box.

I gave her the pumpkin and, a basket filled with ink dobbers, a bottle of glitter and, craft glue.  My only instruction was for her to, “have fun and, decorate away”.  I placed the glitter in a cardboard box….and asked her to “glitter” the pumpkin inside the box, for less mess.  She truly LOVED this craft!  The pumpkin is now on “display” on my kitchen counter….super cute!

Okay…I have a hard time thinking up fun crafts for my kids….excited to even be posting this idea for you all….because, trust me, craft ideas are not my best feature.  Would you please post a comment if you have a good idea to share with us?  I know that everyone would love to have a fun new child’s craft idea!  Feel free to post a link and a neat idea.  

  •  A box to contain the glitter….works great! 
  • Craft glue…always good to keep on hand.
  • Ink dobbers…I keep these on hand in my “art basket”…great for kid’s art projects! 

  • Brooke is happy about creating her pumpkin! 
  • Wah~lah!  The finished product!  She was so excited!!!  

Decorating pumpkins…a fun and easy child’s craft.  Sure to bring lots of smiles!!!

Happy Fall!  

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