A Fall School Parent Party

November 8, 2014

We were so blessed to be able to host our son’s Junior Kindergarten parent party last night.  The party was super easy to prep for, because everyone brought either an appetizer or a dessert.   The weather was just perfect!  I set up the food tables on our deck and, we visited and laughed with old and new friends all evening.

What about you?  Plan to host a fall party of your own.   Who doesn’t love a fun evening out with wonderful pick up appetizers and desserts?  You simply provide the drinks and, ask your neighbors or friends to bring an item.  I promise, no one minds bringing something.  There are SO many easy items you can run by and pick up as well.   Homemade is always delicious, but, buying something tasty is great!

Happy Saturday you all!   Happy Fall continues!!!!

Living With Flair,


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