A Quick Home Improvement Project- 15 Minutes

July 17, 2011

My Mother is one of the most talented and artistic people I have ever known.  I am very thankful for all of her instruction over the years!  She taught me this easy method of making a garden urn (made from resin) look antiqued.  The secret?  Good old spray paint from HOME DEPOT.  I purchased the resin urns several years ago at COSTCO.  The original color was a drab gray and, I knew these two urns needed a little touching up.  Each summer, I re-paint them, with the method below and, they look great for an entire year.

Spray the urns with brown spray paint.  I sprayed these twice, to achieve maximum coverage.
Spray paint is wonderful and easy because you can quickly look at the can top and select the color.  Make sure you pick a “flat” paint.  You do not want your urns to be a shiny paint.
Allow the brown paint to dry, for 30 minutes.  Spray the green paint on a paper towel and,   rub the paint on the brown urns in order to achieve a nice old looking patina.
The finished urn.
The second finished urn.
You can spray paint the urns without taking your plants out, OR, moving the urns.  Be careful to keep the paint off of your porch.  You can place newspaper under the urns, if you are concerned about the excess paint. 

A QUICK and easy method of making your garden urns look like NEW!  

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