June 22, 2011

I was recently reading a story in TRADITIONAL HOME magazine and, came across an article and spaces designed by TOBI FAIRLEY.  She is AMAZING and,  I plan to follow her work from now on.  Her designs are fresh, bright and happy.  

Photo Credit:  TOBY FAIRLEY

These photos are all featured on her design website: TOBY FAIRLEY.

She is from Little Rock, AR., only 2 short hours from Memphis, TN.  Who knows? Maybe I could take a “field trip” one of these days and meet her!  

CAN YOU SAY “FABULOUS”? These spaces are GORGEOUS!  Keep your eyes open for more of her work in interior magazines….there are sure to be many more displays of her work in the future. 

  • Amanda

    Girl- you know she does a "designer boot camp" for us amateurs in Little Rock? If you ever go, I want to go with you!

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