An Unexpected Moment at Home

April 28, 2011

Do you ever those unexpected events at home that can have a tendency to rattle you?  I was having one of those mornings yesterday, not a whole lot of FLAIR involved!  The sink was piled with dishes, as we had a stopped up sink (the plumber was on his way over) and, then, I mistakenly pulled a drawer out too far and, the contents spilled all over my kitchen floor.  I took a picture in order to illustrate my point.  What a mess! 

In that moment, I thought, “UGH”, what else could go wrong today?  Then, I started thinking about something my Mom used to always say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  I started thinking about contentment and, what the condition of my heart is.  An attitude of contentment changes our perspective, as life’s little “road bumps” come along.  In these moments, we have a CHOICE, we can choose how to respond.  This happened early in my day yesterday and, I had to decide if I was going to allow this MESS to ruin my day.  As I started to clean it up, I realized that I had been needing to clean this drawer out any way!  I decided to be THANKFUL for this opportunity to clean it out, right then.  I carefully organized the pens, the paper clips, the stamps…..all of it.  Once I was finished, I actually started being thankful that the drawer fell out all over the kitchen floor!  

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A thought to ponder:  what is the status of your heart today?  Are you allowing your circumstances to overwhelm you or, are you counting your blessings?  Taking time to give thanks, truly helps the feeling of being overwhelmed to LEAVE!  An attitude of contentment brings PEACE to our hearts!  Are you content in your job? In your home?  In your financial situation?  With your children?  With your singleness?  In your marriage?  With the size of your home? With your weight?  There are many more, but, I implore you today to GIVE THANKS in your day today, no matter what all is going on in your world.  Choose to be happy and then, LAUGH, when the unexpected things happen in your day! 
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Yesterday, once I got the drawer all put back together, the plumber came and fixed our sink.  What a relief!  I was determined to get the kitchen all tidy and the house straightened and, make it a GREAT day!  Since my ATTITUDE was set on the POSITIVE…..when the power went out yesterday afternoon for over 3 hours (from a bad thunder storm)- I was literally able to just laugh!  

Psalm 51:10 says: Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. 

A clean heart + a right spirit.  This is my prayer for myself and for you today.  Ask God to stir your heart today and, give you contentment for your journey.  I call this truly living with FLAIR! 

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