Books From My Past

July 27, 2011

My daughter is 6 years old and, wow!….What a fun age!  I recently bought her a collection of books that were some of my favorite when I was a little girl.  She is able to read portions of it herself and, then, her Dad and I take turns reading it to her, as well.  She is delighted with Ramona, I am too! 

  • SarahC

    I love the Ramona books! My little baby is named Ramona and I re-read all of them during my pregnancy. So fun!

  • Annette Mastron

    Nothing like the books you read as a child, they mold your life and forever are in your heart.

  • Ashleigh Carroll

    GREAT IDEA. LOVE the Ramona books. Those and the Babysitter Club!

    • Bharth

      Thanks for this post! We are in the early seatgs of the adoption process. Still researching countries but being led over and over back to Ethiopia. The books you mentioned are on my list to add to the growing stack on my night stand. Reading blogs and being a member of several yahoo groups has really helped us learn how to prepare ourselves.

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