Braided Hair- Wear it with Flair!

October 16, 2011

I watched a feature on The Today Show this week on hair braids. I was inspired! The braided hair look is super “IN” this season!  Take a look at these celebrities with their braided locks….really pretty!  

Nicole Richie…


Jessica Alba


Gwen Stefani


Jessica Simpson 


Vivica A. Fox


Sooooo….I got inspired and decided to “try my hand” on my own hair.  I have never been able to braid my own hair (way back, 20+ years ago in high school…always had to have a friend help me)….but, I took a deep breath and, got to work.  Good news!  SO easy!  I have enjoyed having it pulled out of my face all day.  Am thinking I will try to sleep on it and, ‘wear’ it to church tomorrow.

Thought I would show you all my efforts…ha!  Try not to laugh at me, taking pictures of myself, while juggling my 6 month old baby girl, Blair on my hip…

Get inspired and braid up your hair!  So many different ways to fix it!  Super chic and fun for the fall and winter.

Here goes….I know….it isn’t perfectly straight, but, for my first attempt…I am excited about it!  =)

Start as far over as you can on one side of your head and, get to braiding…

I love how it is away from my face…

My baby Blair wanted to look in the camera too….

Last pic…hope you will want to braid your hair too!  Let me know how it turns out!  Enjoy this fun new ‘hip’ look!   

As always….
Hugs & Flair,

  • Brooke G.

    so i watched the same segment and braided Emerys on the side the following day! it was so cute, havent tried mine yet

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