March 2, 2011

A big THANK YOU to my friend Joanna Madine, from Dallas, Texas, for ‘tipping me off’ about this WONDERFUL bi-annual candle sale at Bath & Body Works.

You can NEVER have too many YUMMY smelling candles around!  A great smelling candle SHOUTS “WELCOME” to any guest who enters.  A burning candle in my kitchen helps motivate me for washing dishes or starting dinner. 

Slatkin candles are nice and strong! The Slatkin brand is sold at Neiman Marcus and, thus, I have full confidence in this brand.  

STOCK UP TODAY!  Joanna suggested keeping them stored for: hostess gifts, a friend’s birthday or any time you need a last minute “happy” for someone. 

I keep a different scented candle in each room of our home. During a gathering at our house, I LOVE how the different scents smell, all burning at one time.  DELISH!   *FLAIR TIP:  After your guests leave, and after the candle is cool: don’t forget to trim the wick to half the size. Trimming the wick prevents black smoke from coming off of the candle and helps it to burn longer.  Storing a candle in the freezer, causes it to burn more evenly.

PINK SANGRIA- perfect for spring! 
FRESH BAMBOO-  a nice, clean scent

The BEST part?  You can easily order these online!  For you busy moms out there, how EASY!  The candles are 2 for $20.  Each candle looks like a $20 candle!  Nice, three-wick candles.  

Thank you Joanna!  

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