Celebrating 20 Years of Marital Bliss~ Platinum Wedding Anniversary

December 31, 2013


My mind is absolutely racing with memories and lots of sweet FUN…..back 20 years ago today…..the eve of my wedding to my beloved, John Wiley Bryson.  We were getting ready for a SUPER fun rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, complete with great Mexican food, lots of family and friends and, country dancing….what more can you ask for?   We married in Lake Jackson, Texas, my wonderful home town.  The entire weekend was one I will never ever forget….especially since my very talented and creative mother had an entire magnolia tree taken out of her yard and assembled and displayed in the middle of the room at our reception…..quite a focal point, indeed!    We had great food and, most of all, on January 1, 1994, I married the man of my dreams.

Here are some of my “collections” from 20 years of marriage:  (In no particular order)

We have lived in 2 cities.

John has worked for 2 amazing churches:   Denton Bible Church and Fellowship Memphis

We have lived in 9 different houses

We have had 4 cats (one at a time)

We have had 5 dogs (3 boxers, 1 black lab and one currently, a white labradoodle)

2 miscarriages

Countless fertility treatments

2  failed adoptions

6 adopted children (huge smile!)

4 precious parents-  married a total of 106 years between them

3 brothers

2 sisters

2 brother-in-laws

3 sister-in-laws

18 nieces and nephews

Countless AMAZING and precious friends

hard times

sweet times

memories galore!!!!

Lots of laughs

Lots of forgiveness

Even more GRACE

With money

Without money



Best Friends


Eternal Love

A picture of the cross

I love my husband more today than EVER before…..I wake up every day and, can’t believe he is mine…..thank you Lord for 20 years with this blessed man!!!!!  He truly is the “real deal” every single day.  I have had the biggest “up close” view of his walk with the Lord the past 20 years and, my life has been shaped by his commitment, values and extreme integrity.

Here’s to 20 more!!!!!   I love you John Bryson!!!!!!!

Happy 20 year anniversary to my wonderful and amazing husband!!!!!

So excited to celebrate with you tonight!

Love you Forever!




  • Tracy

    What a tribute! I know I’m late but Happy Anniversary. Y’all are adorable. xoxo

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