Church Community Group and Lunch

March 30, 2014

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY for a potluck lunch with our sweet “Community Group” from church.  You might ask, “what is a community group, Beth?”.  Well….this past Fall 2013, our church,  Fellowship Memphis, started a new small group system, entitled, “Experience Fellowship Small”.  You see, our church has BOOMED the past 11 years, since we first opened (ALL praise to God!) and, since we have large Sunday attendance, it is difficult for people to really get to know one another, within the crowd. I am SO blessed and excited to be involved with our small group!  We meet once/month for a large group lunch, after church and, we break up into smaller, mens/women’s groups as well.  I have SO ENJOYED getting the opportunity to meet and know some new friends!  We gather and eat lunch together and basically, “hang out”.  We support one another and, each month, we are becoming closer friends.  The idea is:  if someone is sick or has a special need (i.e. a new baby), or, needs encouragement, our group will come around him/her and love on them and be there to “hold them up”.

Today after church, we met at a public Memphis park (why not support your local parks?) and the weather is GORGEOUS!   The children ran around and played and, the adults visited.   We munched on yummy sandwiches and sipped sweet tea……and, each family brought an appetizer or a dessert.  (HOW EASY!) We had PLENTY of food and, most of all….sweet friendships were being built.   I LOVE THIS GROUP!

Are you involved in a small group Bible study in your church or, have you been putting it off?   I want to encourage you to JUMP IN to a local small group in your church.  For that matter, if you are not attending a church….please find one SOON and get involved!   As we journey along in this life, we truly need support, good Bible teaching and friends to live in community with.   My church and my community/small group are such a BLESSING in my life!!!!!

Living with “FLAIR” means finding a small group of friends that you can support and live life with.   I would LOVE to hear from you if you are involved in a church group and, please share with us what it has meant to you!

Sandwich trays….all ready to go!   Don’t forget the name tags!  We are all ‘new’ friends and, name tags really help!The children LOVED the fun play equipment!Ready to play! Sweet friends!You can’t have a potluck lunch without lemonade and sweet tea!  Ahhhh!  Signs of spring in Memphis!   Look at this gorgeous pink dogwood tree….Blair is loving the swing! Beck is happy to be out here! Our friend Ben and his daughter, Molly.   Just a swingin’. Darling boy! Hanging out before we eat…..Bayne is enjoying his nap. Visiting and enjoying the pretty day…..Grant brought his new “baby”.   A sweet new puppy. Join a small group through your church SOON!    There is nothing like meeting new friends, building relationships and simply living life TOGETHER.   Get involved!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

As Always….Living With Flair.
Hugs to All,



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