March 25, 2011

I want my children to remember meals with creative and FUN presentation, once they are older.  The presentation can be very simple, but, I like to arrange their food on the plate with pretty colors and, with healthy and delicious food.

Here are pictures from what I served tonight.  They were delighted and, they ate almost every bite…..then, I was DELIGHTED!  

Organic chicken strips with Ranch dressing; Carrots garnished with raisins;
Organic apple sauce, sprinkled with cinnamon.  * Plates are vintage by Fire King.  Easily found at antique stores or, on
Quick and YUMMY!  Chocolate chip cookies that are ready to bake, by Pillsbury.  Ice cream sandwich (cut a whole one in half); drizzle with chocolate syrup ( I used Hershey’s brand) and, top off with a cherry.  The children DEVOURED this!  


Take time to arrange your child’s food on the plate.  This is a FUN way to serve dinner and, they will never forget the love and care that you put into their meals!   I call this, loving on your children with FLAIR!  


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