March 5, 2011

My friend, Beth Anderson, sent me a question the other day, regarding: ideas to decorate a new rental house.  She and her husband and sweet daughter recently moved to Cleveland, OHIO from Chicago.  Beth says that the walls in the rental house are off-white and, no painting is permitted.  No worries!  

Although painting a room a great new color can truly change a room, you can use art and accessories to shift the focal point.  Here are some items that can help to create a great effect and, the best part:  when you move from the rental house, you can pack them up and move along. *FLAIR TIP: A rented house or apartment can look like HOME as easily as a place that you own.  You may have to use a little more creativity, but, day-to-day, it is very worth your effort.

From HORCHOW.  You can never go wrong with silk panels on a window.  Hang them as high to the ceiling as possible.  Curtains hung higher to the ceiling make the room look bigger.  Do not worry if the curtains are too long, simply ‘pool’ the fabric, as shown in this photo.  You can easily hang these in a rented home and, feel great about your investment, because you can take them down when you move and hang in the next house. 
A GREAT lamp from PIER 1.   Great looking lamps instanty add a POP of color to a room.  Be sure and buy in sets of two, in order to give a more symmetrical and clean look.
I LOVE this color too! 
Nice book shelf from PIER 1.  A nice book shelf adds interest in a room and, this piece would look wonderful on a white wall.  I especially like the sides with the geometric design.  Place nice decorative vases and other decorative items
on these shelves and, POOF… have a great look! 
One more item from PIER 1!  I LOVE this mirror!  Place it over a couch or over a great chair, an INSTANT focal point in a room.  The color is WONDERFUL!   I like the starburst design, very CHIC. 
A rug in front of a couch or under a coffee table looks AMAZING!  You can also place one of these great rugs from GARNET HILL under a dining table.
* Does the rental space have carpet?
No problem.  Place one of these accent rugs right
on top of the carpet for a neat look.
*The geometric pattern adds interest. 
WEST ELM.    WEST ELM-  I cannot get enough of this HIP store!  From rugs, to furniture, to lamps…..a GREAT place to find items for your home.  I like the great texture of these pillows.  Buy them in pairs for a couch and, the gray is especially en vogue right now!  AWESOME! 
VERY cool colored bottles from WEST ELM .   Always think in terms of  a single item or in ODD numbers. These would look great on a coffee table.  Line up 3 or 5 bottles on a surface.  Getting prepared to have dinner guests?  Use 3 bottles down the center of the table with simple flowers in each one:  a single hydrangea in each or, a tulip, for example. 
 HAPPY DECORATING YOU ALL!   Kindest Regards,  Beth

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