March 18, 2011

Decorative pillows add a wonderful new ‘POP’ of color to a sofa or a chair in your family room.  A single pillow or, three of the same kind can TRANSFORM the master bed or, for that matter, ANY bed in your house!  PILLOWS!!!!  I cannot get enough of this wonderful decorative touch! 

You can buy pillows on ANY budget.  I am listing these in order from most expensive to least.  There are pillows available at every price! 

From The Southern Home.  These pillows are down filled, my ABSOLUTE favorite!  20 X 20 inches; $138 each.
From  ETSY- ELEGANT TOUCH  these pillows are very CHIC with the geometric design, AWESOME!!  $55 each.

From PIER 1.  I have a pair of this GREAT pillow in my living room. This pillow has neat detail and texture.  Guests often comment on this pillow because it is quite interesting to look at.  You always want to add interest in a room, this can be accomplished by
adding unexpected accents, such as these pillows.

I hope you can add a set of pillows to a room in your house and, update it with a little bit of fun FLAIR!  Happy Spring you all!!!   Warmest Regards, ~ Beth  
  • santo

    Anyone have suggestions for a first pillow? My nephew is 15 months old, won't be using one quite yet, but I could love something small, reasonably priced, and natural.

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