Do You Have Any Struggles with Anxiety, Fear or Insecurity? CHECK THIS OUT!

July 17, 2011

At the risk, of seemingly trying to promote my husband, I ASSURE you, the last two sermons he has preached (this Sunday and last week- Fellowship Memphis ) have LITERALLY changed my world!  He has spoken on fear and anxiety in our lives and, the ripple effects that these two things cause.  POWERFUL sermons! 

I URGE you….please down load these two sermons and listen in your car or on your iPod.  I KNOW that you will be deeply convicted/moved and encouraged to start “casting” ALL your anxiety on the Lord. These messages are truly a MUST listen!  Do you want more FLAIR in your home and in your heart?  Take a listen to these messages by JOHN W. BRYSON.  I believe you will be touched deeply by listening to them. Go to FELLOWSHIP RADIO.

Dr. Ed Welch wrote two great books and, our church is selling these books right now, as an “add on” to the series on fear/anxiety.  You may order them at AMAZON.

Running Scared, by Ed Welch

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