Easy Valentine Gift~Piece of Art

January 17, 2012

Valentine Gift- Easy To Make

I am excited to share this easy Valentine’s Day gift idea with you!   Written words of encouragement mean a great deal to me.  There are special letters that friends and loved ones have written me and,  I treasure these for years.   You can make this easy gift for someone you love or, make it for yourself….this is what I did, I created my very own piece of art that is sure to bring a smile to my face, every day!   I took a blank canvas and, filled it up with some of my favorite letters of encouragement, from some very special people in my life.  All said and done, this project took 45 minutes.

Here is what you need to create this encouraging piece of art:

1 blank canvas (size of your choice),  1 small bottle acrylic paint, 1 small paint brush, 1 can spray adhesive, 1 can Modge Podge spray (sealer), letters of encouragement (your choice)

Valentine Gift Idea

Step 1:  Paint the sides of canvas with the color of your choice

Step 2:  Gather your encouraging notes together and, arrange them on the canvas.

Step 3:  Glue each note to the canvas with spray adhesive.  Allow the notes to dry for 20 minutes.

Step 4:  Spray the notes with a good coat of Modge Podge sealer.  Allow to dry for one hour.  All finished and ready to hang!

Create an encouraging words art piece right away.  Give it as a gift to someone you love, or, keep it to encourage yourself on a daily basis.

With Hugs & Flair,


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