Family Time at The Beach

October 20, 2014

OH!   I adore living in Memphis, TN, but, I also LOVE and cherish times with my family away at the beach.  We have gotten into a nice pattern of going to Perdido Key, Florida.   Now that we have been going there, I feel like we have established a tradition, which, makes me so happy because I’m all about a tradition!   Hoping that our children will always keep great memories of our family beach getaways.  Have you taken some time lately to unwind and “unplug”?  You do not even have to leave home!   Grab a good book, turn off your phone and, relax.  Your brain needs time to think and process and rest.  Your body needs good rest.  Schedule some down time soon.   You will be so glad you did.

Living With Flair,



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