April 26, 2011

WOW!  What a FUN shopping trip, filled with MUCH to look at and, TREMENDOUS IDEAS for ALL things HOME and HOME DECOR!!!!  IKEA!  I spent over 3 hours there and…..even had lunch at their in house restaurant.  I dined on meatballs with cranberry dressing and fresh steamed vegetables…only $3.99!  I picked up some FUN accents for my new daughter, Blair’s, nursery—will post soon!  

*RUN….do not walk….to an IKEA store as soon as you are able!  GREAT and INSPIRING ideas for your home……TONS of F.L.A.I.R!!!  The BEST part?  Great prices and HOT and up-to-date items for your home!  

A GREAT bedroom design!  LOVE this light fixture!  An awesome  ‘POP’ in a room!  
LOOK at this SCRUMPTIOUS lunch —–only $3.99!!!!  TRULY tasted DELISH! 
AWESOME dining room design!  Look at the three light fixtures, hung all at the same height- over the table.  VERY chic and this design has HUGE FLAIR!!! 
AMAZING kitchen design!  I stopped and stared at this kitchen display for over  10 minutes.  GORGEOUS! Classic and fresh/crisp design.  CLEAN lines, classic and
modern- all at the same time! 
A nice family room design.  WHITE framed pictures and accent pieces are VERY
“of-the-moment”.  STUDY the white accents ….these items truly MAKE a space! 
A very cute children’s play area.  FUN and BRIGHT colors!  Doesn’t this make you smile??  
Light fixtures hung in the IKEA dining area.  I LOVE the look of all of these  FABULOUS light fixtures!  Very dramatic and FUN!  I ate my lunch and, totally ENJOYED the decor!  BEAUTIFUL! 

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