March 30, 2011

NEW YORK CITY!  One of my TOP FAVORITE places on earth!  We arrived yesterday afternoon, I am thankful to be able to ‘tag’ along as my husband is working here the next two days.  What is it about NEW YORK that I am OBSESSED with?  As I write this, I am facing a sidewalk on busy 49th Avenue.  There are people from ALL over the world in this great city, and, from every culture.   There is no better place to watch people than right here!  I could sit here all day!  Do not worry….I will not sit too long, because, although this is my 20th visit (in my best recollection) to this AMAZING city, I have some shopping to get to. Not so much BUYING, but, I absolutely LOVE to window shop and, visit my favorite stores on the famous 5th Avenue.  These FABULOUS and LARGE stores ‘feed’ my creative side and, INFUSE me with all sorts of ideas for the season.  From wonderful colors to ALL of the amazing design in the stores and restaurants, when I depart in two days, my “CREATIVE CUP” will be overflowing with new ideas!!

I have a very extroverted personality, but, I ADORE being alone here. I enjoy walking the streets, being lost in my thoughts and, taking time to absorb EVERY detail, from century old churches to the MOST FABULOUS shoes by mega designers, I cannot get ENOUGH!  

Last night, we ate at a very famous and tasty Italian Restaurant, called CARMINE’S.  This legendary eatery is a MUST for you to visit, the next time you are here.  

The entrees are served in family style portions.   We split one order and,
even took a take out container with us. 
There are several locations, but, this one, located at 91st and Broadway, is the original. 
Ahhhh!  Assorted bread basket, EXCELLENT! 
Without question, this pasta dish was the BEST I have had in YEARS!  Angel hair pasta with their signature white sauce, plump shrimp and fresh roasted garlic pods, cooked to PERFECTION!  
Their service is IMPECCABLE!

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