March 31, 2011

We have been staying at the AMAZING and VERY contemporary W HOTEL NEW YORK.  This is my first time to stay in this wonderful hotel and, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Yes- the rooms are a bit small, but, no problem, because, how much time are you really in the room?  There is MUCH to see in this city, and, all you need is a comfortable place to lay your head—the beds in this establishment are VERY COZY! 

You can truly sit and observe the interior design of fine hotels and, take away great ideas to implement in your home.  I have enjoyed sitting in this CHIC lobby, on and off, for the past two days, and, the ideas are NUMEROUS!

Amazing water wall with cobalt blue mosaic tiles.
Iridescent mosaic tiles with modern votive holders on top
Fresh cut dogwood branches in clear glass cylinders.  I WISH you could see this!  Really pretty! 
Modern vases with a pewter figurine- great FLAIR! 
There are fresh green apples stacked around the entire lobby!  I LOVE to
decorate with green apples! 
AWESOME book shelf design!  Navy blue paint with the POP of white accessories—GORGEOUS!  I stood and stared at this for over 10 minutes before snapping a picture! 
A wonderful boxwood in a white glass container

Design ideas via fine hotels — an easy way to gain inspiration.  You can rest assured that a top notch design firm is responsible for the AWESOME furniture and details of any AMAZING hotel—-take notes with FLAIR and, go home and experiment in your own space. 

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