Girl’s Trip- Part I

February 19, 2012

What a FUN weekend!  I just adore a “Girl’s Weekend”, can I get an “Amen”?  My dear friend Melinda and I decided to take off for the Mississippi Delta on Friday.  We started off for Merigold, Mississippi, straight toward the very famous and wonderful, McCarty Pottery store.   McCarty has a “cult” following in Memphis and, all across Mississippi.  Each piece is hand thrown and, has their famous Mississippi River symbol running through each piece.  I have been collecting the aqua blue pieces for several years…I love to use this pottery because it is so pretty and, very durable.

We shopped and, then, enjoyed a delicious lunch in the McCarty Lunch room…they serve wonderful food and, all of it is served up on their dishes.  Adorable!

From Merigold, we drove straight to our final destination, Greenwood, Mississippi.   Greenwood is where the awesome movie, “The Help“, was filmed.  We enjoyed our appointments at the luxurious Alluvian Spa on Friday afternoon.

Looking at the pretty pieces…decisions, decisions

McCarty Look at this gorgeous bowl!  Time to check-out…Love this creamer and sugar bowl! 
Awesome pitcher! Their shopping bags even have the McCarty signature…so cool! Time for lunch in the McCarty Lunch Room…we had delicious chicken salad, fresh green bean salad and tomato and cheese casserole.  Divine!  They served all of it on their brown signature pottery.

We arrived in Greenwood, MS and headed straight for the Alluvian Spa.  Talk about relaxation!!!  Ahhhhh!  Here I am, all ready for my facial. The Alluvian Spa….you REALLY need to go!!! Can’t wait to post “Girl’s Trip- Part II” tomorrow!  Stay tuned!!!

Living With Flair,

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