How To Arrange Fresh Flowers In 5 Quick Steps.

May 20, 2013

Hi Ya’ll!  I hosted an event in my home this past Friday afternoon for a wonderful volunteer organization that I am involved with.   Fresh flowers are a MUST for me, when hosting people in my home…..the only problem….can anyone relate?….I was in a RUSH to get the flower arrangements made.  I am NO professional floral arranger, but, these arrangements came together easily and quickly.  You really do not need to spend a fortune when you want fresh flowers around your space.  I grabbed 2 dozen roses from my local Kroger store and, then, a large assorted arrangement from our local Sam’s Club.   When making flower arrangements, be sure and cut the stems all the same length and, cut them short ( I cut the stems the same length of the container)…..this gives you that tight and neat European look….LOVE this look!   I always like to make the flower arrangements “my own” by adding French wire ribbon bows or knots, around the container…you will see how I did this….very simple and, a nice touch.

Step 1:   Gather the flowers in your left hand until you like the arrangement.

Step 2:  Cut the stems off at an angle.  *The angle allows the flowers to absorb water better.

Step 3:  Use a rubber band or wire twist tie and, tie the stems together.

Step 4:  Place the flowers in your container.

Step 5:  Turn the container in a circle to ensure that each side is even.

Are you hosting a party or an event any time soon?  Save money by making your own flower arrangements….come on!   You CAN do it!!!!

Have fun arranging flowers!  Fresh flowers are very inviting and truly warm up a room.

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