How To Create a 2013~2014 ‘Lifestyle Notebook’

August 31, 2013

Hello!  I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful long holiday weekend this Labor Day.  Memphis, TN is WARM, but, the cool fall weather will surely be here before long.

The month of August and early September marks the starting line for children to school, Bible studies start, a new exercise class, book club….etc.  I don’t know about you, but, WHEW….I was staring at a stack of loose papers on my table last week.  Everything from my children’s class lists to class party lists, and on and on.   Stacks of loose papers can be very overwhelming, as the days fly by.

Just last month, a good friend of mine was asking me about how to organize her home and her menu planning, etc.  This notebook is a GREAT and easy way to start.  I call this my “Mom Notebook”, but, for those of you who have grown children or, no children….this concept can be used and customized for any season of life.   I try to take this notebook with me every morning when I leave the house.  This way, I have all the resources of my children’s classrooms and, my meetings, etc., right at my fingertips.

What You Need:

1  3-ring binder, with a clear cover over the front (where you can decorate it)

1  package of page dividers

1  pencil case

1  3 hole punch

1 marker –  to label the dividers

1 calendar with 3 holes punched ( I found mine at Fed Ex Kinko’s)

Simple Directions:

1.  Determine what titles you need on your divider tabs.    For me,  I list the names of my children’s schools, and, I file papers under these tabs that are important for the entire school year.  I also have a “meetings” tab.  I file my Bible study roster here, and, any meeting notes for projects I am involved with.  One of my tabs says “Menus” and, as I pore thru magazines or, see a wonderful looking recipe on PINTEREST, I place it here and, while at the grocery store, it is ready to go.  I also love to plan out menus for the week and, this form helps guide my shopping trips.  Go to ORGANIZED HOME for free menu printables.  Lastly, (but SO huge!), I have a “Prayer” tab.  I keep ongoing prayers in this section.  Prayers for my husband, our church, our children, our families, etc.   My dividers have pockets and, I like to keep pictures of special people in my life in this section.   For example, My dear friend, Nan, is a huge part of my life and, she and her husband are planting a new church in Oklahoma City.  * A picture of us reminds me to frequently pray for she and her husband.

2. The pencil case holds receipts that I need to get reimbursed for projects I am involved with at my children’s schools.  I keep stamps in here as well.  I also keep a pen and highlighter here.   I keep 3-4 blank notecards here, for writing a quick thank you note or an encouraging note to a friend.

3. Meditating and memorizing Bible verses is something I strive to do all the time.  Simply write out a few key verses that you want to keep flowing in your mind, punch a hole on the side of the card and, there you are ….on your way to Scripture memory.

4.  Lastly,  I place school stickers from the schools my children attend on the cover and, other fun decorations.  I am highly visual in the way I think and, the school stickers serve as a reminder to pray for their teachers and the leadership of the school each day.

OKAY-  this is it!   Again, you can customize YOUR notebook according to your life and your roles.  This notebook helps me feel really organized.  Don’t forget….every couple of months, you will need to clean out the notebook and keep it current, for maximum usage.   Make your notebook SOON and, let me know how you like it.   Feeling organized is living with FLAIR.   Enjoy your holiday weekend!     Love, Beth

Pictures of my notebook to get you on your way:

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  • Martha

    You are a sweetie Beth – love this post!

    • Beth

      Thank you Martha! Thank you for this kind comment! Hugs to you, Beth

  • lauren crabtree

    Love this! I still refer back to your post last year about organizing your time and praying through your schedule, etc. You should totally repost that 😉 its a good one!

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