How To Host a FUN July 4th Party in 5 Easy Steps! God Bless America!

July 4, 2013

Ya’ll!  OH!  I just absolutely LOVE the 4th of July!  A time to gather friends and family and, celebrate the BLESSINGS of living in our AMAZING country!  This party came together SO easily!   Please don’t think you have to go to a lot of trouble in order to pull off a fun event…..Here are 5 QUICK STEPS to hosting a fun patriotic get together:

Step 1:   Use to create pretty invitations, easily sent via email addresses.  For this event, I set a late afternoon start time of 4:30 p.m.  I love an event that will run into the sun setting hour…..we wrapped up around 7:30 p.m. and, it was perfect!

Step 2:  Buy some festive American flags at your local craft store and, place them around your party area, outside or in.

Step 3:  Ask each guest to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert.  * Friends generally love to help by bringing something and, this makes your hosting duties SO MUCH EASIER!

Step 4:   Set up some music outside.  We played our PANDORA and set it up to play old 80’s music.

Step 5:  Set up a table with cold beverages and an area for your guests to place their appetizers and/or desserts as they arrive….let the party BEGIN!

You can’t ever go wrong with serving hotdogs to the kids!  My favorite brand is Hebrew National….100 % beef, organic hotdogs.   So delicious!  These shortbread cookies were SO good!  No…..I did not bake them!  SO EASY …..I picked them up at the COSTCO bakery and placed them on a nice tray.  YUM!  Aren’t they fun and festive??  I LOVE to bake, but, this year, the time just was not available….next best thing is to BUY THEM!  All ready for our party to begin!  I love placing festive American flags all around the party area!  We can’t have a 4th of July party without a juicy watermelon…..SO sweet and WONDERFUL!   This was sliced and it VANISHED in about 5 minutes!!!!!!My boys are ready for the party to start!Marinated shrimp from COSTCO!   I bought 3 containers and placed it in a pretty bowl……WAH LAH!  INSTANT appetizer!  Brooke loves to swim!   I love this pic of her!  Her eyes match the water! Party music!  Can’t beat the JACKSON 5 to get our feet tapping for the party!  Texas Caviar!  I served this with corn chips.  Again…..straight from COSTCO!    Find it in the refrigerator section.  I bought 3 cartons and placed it in this large white serving bowl.   Also great the next day!   Yum….I love leftovers!!!!  Here are these cute cookies again!  They were SO good!  All set up, ready to party!
Happy Boys….All smiles after eating hotdogs and sugar cookies! My favorite pic of the party!   All of the kids eating watermelon in the hot tub…..they grabbed a slice and jumped in….SO MUCH FUN!  I truly hope each of you are enjoying this very special holiday!     I would LOVE to know what you all are doing to celebrate today!  Let me know!   Remember, inviting friends over for a fun occasion and celebration does not have to mean a lot of time and stress.   This little get together came together in a SNAP!  Today, we have such easy things like, electronic invitations and, great stores that carry ready made food… has never been more convenient to invite friends over and MAKE MEMORIES!    A fun and memorable event is what I call living with FLAIR!

God Bless America and, God Bless Each of  You!



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