How To Make a Keepsake Blanket

March 23, 2013

Hello, hello!  Where has the time run off to?  Do you ever feel this way?  I have posting away to ya’ll, in my mind, the past few weeks and, alas, I am sitting down to show you this GREAT keepsake blanket idea!

I am a very sentimental person, can you relate to this?  When my son, Bo, was a baby, he received some adorable burp cloths.  Bo is turning 5 in just a few weeks and, I STILL could not bear the thought of ‘tossing’ these sweet burp cloths.  You see…..several of my friends monogrammed these wonderful cloths, or made them by hand and, isn’t a hand made gift SO thoughtful?

One day, a couple of months ago, it just dawned on me!  I was looking at the stack of cloths and, realized, “OH!  These would make the cutest quilt for Bo to use!”.   I don’t happen to sew, but, our beloved babysitter is a wonderful seamstress.   I designed the quilt and, asked her to sew the pieces together.

You can use any item you would like to use, not just burp cloths.  This would work with pieces of baby blankets, squares of blue jeans that your children once wore, squares of special event t-shirts that your children wore…..and on and on!  Simply stitch the squares together on the back side and line the entire quilt with a pretty fabric of your choice.  She also finished the edges, using a border with the same liner fabric.

Bo has LOVED this quilt!  He refuses to go to sleep without using it as a cover….priceless!

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  • Courtney Murray

    I see one of the burp cloths I made…makes this heart happy!

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