How To Write a Thank You Note: 3 Quick Steps

September 27, 2012

Are you a a person who will take the time to write a thank you note?  Don’t you feel so special when a person will take the time to send you a hand written note? We are living in a society where the hand written note is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  The personal note is being replaced with text messaging and emails.  OH!  I beg you, BEG you, to think about taking a few minutes (literally, less than 5 minutes!) to jot down your thanks to a well deserving friend, or anyone whom you feel led to say a “THANK YOU” to.  Hand written notes are extremely touching to me….I even keep a file folder of special ones and, I often pull them out on a day when I need a little “boost”.  NEVER underestimate the value of a hand written letter to someone.

Here is a quick format for you to follow:

1)  One sentence telling the person a big “THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT”.

2) A second sentence telling the person how you plan to use the gift they gave you, or, what it means to you.

3) Last, and in closing, thank them for a second time and, let them know you hope to see them in the near future.   * Should the person be someone you see on a regular basis, let them know (for example)- ” I look forward to seeing you at church this Sunday”…..

THIS IS IT!  3 quick and sincere sentences!  Sure…..feel free to write MORE, in fact, if you have the time (which, right now, for me, 3 sentences is doable!)—-you can write the person 15 sentences…..but, the big point?…..TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE THANK YOU NOTES!  People really are touched by this gesture!  Who doesn’t love to open up their mail box and find a hand written note of thanks?

One key thing:  Keep stationary on hand at all times!  Two of my favorite stationary artists are Libby Lu Designs and Swanky Press.  My friends, Kelly Bourland (Libby Lu Designs) and Elizabeth Holliday (Swanky Press) are AMAZING graphic artists and, I LOVE to order their notecards and ALL things stationary!!!!!

So…..please tell me….are you a good note writer?  Do you enjoy receiving thank you notes?  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

My mail box…..I LOVE to check it, each and every day!

Cute notecards, by LIBBY LU DESIGNS                                                                                                                    Cute notecards, by LIBBY LU DESIGNS

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