I Saw Martha Stewart Today!!!

April 22, 2012

It is not every day that I am able to LOOK at and sit under a MEGA star!  This morning, my sweet hubby, John Bryson, said, “Guess What?  Martha Stewart is in Memphis today”.  I said, “WHAT did you say??” and, he proceeded to tell me again.  Well….I just got so excited, and, started checking the newspaper and online…to find out…exactly WHERE one of my biggest home design, and ALL things “home” role models, was going to be appearing.  AH HAH….I found out, she was to be giving a lecture at the Home Depot in Collierville, TN.- (a suburb of Memphis).  I HAD to go!  Within one hour, I had dressed my two girls and, ‘loaded’ them in to the car.  OFF WE WENT!  I explained to my sweet 7- year-old daughter (Brooke), “Honey, we are going to see one of mommy’s BIGGEST role models!!!!”.  Brooke was “in”…..I think she was as excited as I was!!!!!

Alas, we arrived and, no surprise, Martha was lecturing under a HUGE white tent.  There were approximately 250 people in the audience.  She was lecturing on gardening.  AHHHHH……she was magnificent!!!!!   I could not believe how CLASSY, witty and personable she was!  She was down to earth and, not a bit ‘stuffy’.   My favorite part?  After her gardening demonstration and lecture, she answered over 20 minutes of audience questions.  She was so sweet to take “open microphone” questions!   She treated every question as important and, I was so smitten!

Too funny, but, after her lecture, her security team was determined to ‘sweep her away’.  I was SO determined to get an up close glimpse of her…..I followed she and her security team (and a few other ‘die hard’ fans like myself!) ALL the way to her waiting black suburban!   I finally did snap an up close picture of her and, I looked her right in the face and, blurted out, “OH!  I am one of your MOST devoted fans!!!!”……..maybe I am wrong, but, I could just swear that this comment made her blush!!!!  Martha Stewart……I THANK YOU for your influence in my life and in my home!!!!   I was SO touched by your lecture today!!!!!!!



*** LOOK how close I was to her!!!!!  I took this picture!!!  Can’t get over it!!!!

  • Storibookdesigns

    Exciting you saw her but can you share more about what she offered as tips?

  • http://letwhylead.com/ Erica {let why lead}

    Wow, you really were close! That is the classic Martha smile! Congrats!

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