May 23, 2011

Whew!  We came in last night from being out-of-town for four days and, I had a PILE of laundry ‘staring’ me in the face this morning.  I don’t know about you, but, a large pile of laundry can be overwhelming.  I decided to “fight back” today with a few of my “tried and true” FLAIR tricks for getting me in the mood for getting the laundry pile GONE!

STEP 1:  Make sure you LOVE the smell of your detergent!  Gain is my ABSOLUTE favorite brand.  Once you turn on the washing machine the wonderful scent of detergent will make you feel like singing! 

STEP 2:  Here is the PILE I was telling you about!  Do not stare at your laundry too long and get overwhelmed, instead, GET GOING and make it disappear! 

STEP 3:  Turn on a favorite television show to watch while you are folding clothes.  For instance, I really enjoy and gain inspiration from watching FOOD TV.  While you fold clothes, you are likely to get inspired about cooking dinner this week.  * Multi-tasking…..very important! 


STEP 4:  This is a MUST!  Don a fun pair of flip flops or shoes to complete your laundry and other daily ‘chores’ in.  Every time you look at your feet, you will smile!  Fun shoes really do help make your mood better as you ‘whistle around’ your house!  I found this pair for $9.00 last week at Holliday’s.

STEP 5:  Great music!  Play a favorite CD or use your iPod.  Turn up the volume as loud as you can tolerate and, work, work, work!  I LOVE listening to music while I am completing house work! 

STEP 6:  Brew a pot of coffee or, make a cup of tea.  You can sip the coffee as you are folding and putting away the laundry.  

STEP 7:  Light a favorite candle and, enjoy the scent while you work.  
I promise, you WILL feel more motivated to get the laundry all finished if you follow my easy “tricks”.  Do not let a large pile of dirty laundry dampen your day.  Use my easy 7 steps and, get going!  You will feel GREAT once all the clothes are put neatly away.  Now, this is what I call doing laundry with “FLAIR”!  Try this system out and, I would love to know how it works for you! 

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