Moving! We are Moved In!

June 4, 2012

I wrote the following post on the morning of May 22nd.  Am just now able to post it, as, we have had internet challenges in our new house…..sorry that I have been a bit out-of-touch the past couple of weeks!  Excited to be settled in our new house and, ready to blog!   Happy Summer ya’ll!!!!!

Moving!   We sold our house and, it was not on the market….I still can’t believe it!  We are excited and thankful.  We moved to this house 5 years ago and, I have SO many wonderful memories here!  Our 7 year old daughter was just 2 when we moved here.  She was our only child.  What a difference 5 years makes!  5 children later…we are moving to a wonderful new neighborhood and, only 4 miles from our current house.   As I look at the boxes this morning, I am reminded how God really and truly provides for our every need.  We have accumulated too much STUFF and, I am convicted about it.   God is ALL we need for total contentment in this life….my STUFF is worth nothing, and, He is EVERYTHING!   Boxes, boxes everywhere….this is going to be a GREAT day!  I can’t wait to wake up in a new spot tomorrow morning….how FUN!

  • mdb

    I love hearing how excited you are to move (were, I realize this is an old post). I would love tips for moving and making a new house a HOME! We moved recently and I so wish I saw it more as an adventure than sad about leaving our last house (we lived there 9 1/2 years and have so many memories there!). And now struggling with how empty it feels as we try and make it home, how unfamiliar everything feels. Also tips on that transitional stage and being patient and having fun decorating vs feeling impatient with the work in progress. Also what to do with those bare walls and rooms that need new furniture to fit it better and dealing with that awkward inbetween stage! Just any and all tips on the entire process would be so very appreciated!!

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