New Year’s Eve Kit

December 27, 2011

Hello!  I am so excited to share this really cute idea with you all!  A New Year’s Kit.  Some sweet friends surprised us with this darling present last week!  I can’t remember the last time I have seen a more creative and thoughtful gift…LOVE THIS!!!   The most creative part?  We received this BEFORE Christmas, so…it was just in time for our New Year’s Eve celebration, but, a fun and unexpected surprise, since we were totally in the “Christmas” mindset.

A pretty package, ready to open…

 LOVE this printed label…Cute!  

Look at this adorable stuff!

New Year’s Eve hats!

 Little party poppers…all packaged.

Gummy bear packs for our children…too fun!!!

 More cute printed labels to continue the theme…

 Plates and napkins…

Sparkling cider for the children and champagne for Mom & Dad…love it!!!

 A New Year’s Banner…all sparkly!  

Here are the contents of the gift bag all set out for you to see…

What a thoughtful gift!!!  Our wedding anniversary is January 1…will be 18 years, YAY!  Our son’s birthday is also January 1, and, he will be 4 years old.  So thankful we now have everything we need to ring in the new year, all because of a very sweet and creative friend.  I truly hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  • Lydia’s Apron

    Awesome!! You have a great time in NOLA. You know I used to live in Mandeville across the lake from NOLA. Really miss it sometimes. Esp the people…and food:)

  • mississippi artist

    What a lovely thoughtful gift!Congratulations on your anniversary.

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