Ode to Summer 2013 And a Word on Being Still

July 31, 2013

Wow!  This month has been INCREDIBLE!  Here it is the last day of July 2013 and, I am reflecting on what a super time we have had!  I have never felt more relaxed and peaceful.  Why is this, I am wondering?  As I have been “marinating” on this question today, I am left with a word…STILLNESS.  This month has been one of stillness, not a lot of activity and, many days to read, think and pray.

We spent amazing family time with John’s entire family in beautiful Perdido Key, Florida.  My children absolutely cherish and savor every minute with their Kentucky cousins….seeing them all together is one of my most favorite things.  Childhood.  No cares.  Playing.  Listening to the waves roll in on the beach.

My heart is full.  I have experienced a whole new level of peacefulness this month.  Usually, I will clutter my kid’s schedules in the summers with MORE activity.  Everything from Vacation Bible Schools (have sent them three weeks in the past, to three different churches!),  camps, tutoring sessions….on and on.   Now do not get me wrong, there is NOT A THING wrong with activity in the summer.  But for me….this summer…..I felt the Lord putting the brakes on me as I was planning out my kid’s summer schedules.  I felt Him nudge me to hold off on my usual planning, planning and more planning.  I felt Him whisper to me “Wait. Be still. No plans. Settle.”

Well, now, as we are only 2 weeks from school starting and, the DAY-TO-DAY schedules start with a BANG, I am so thankful and blessed to have had this summer to just sit and breathe and be STILL with my children and, with the Lord.

Most days, we have not had not a single plan.  We have spent MUCH quality time together.  I have enjoyed watching them swim, play with sticks, play with our new puppy, get dirty and giggle.  I have watched them become even closer as siblings.  Yes, they have had their “spats”, but, more than anything, I have seen a lot of love grow between them.

Be still.  Do you have any time left this summer?  Be still.  Cancel your plans.  Stay at home.  Be still.  I am at such a peace as I “round the corner” into August….it feels so good and so refreshing.

Bo is enjoying the sunset:

Our nephew, Jeff Howard, and his sweet daughter, Gabby, age 1. 

All the cousins….playing a game on the dock.John’s Mom and Dad,  my dear in-laws, Jerry and Pat Bryson

Gorgeous sunset.
Our niece and nephew and our great niece.  Jeff and Christina Howard with their daughter, Gabby.  
 Happy rest of summer you all!

I hope your summer has been awesome!

Love And Living With Flair,


  • http://laurencrabtree.com/ lauren crabtree

    LOVE this post! I need to be reminded of that often—to BE STILL!! Thanks!

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