Our Christmas Kitchen – Come On In!

December 11, 2011

Our Christmas kitchen is such a great space!  There is lots of hot cocoa making, baking, and, good family times around the kitchen table.

Kitchen lamp and buffet, with “Daisy” peering in the window….our 9-month-old boxer puppy.

I Love this!  “A Wonderful Life”! 

Tin plates on display, behind our stove.  I purchased these at Restoration Hardware about five years ago.

A Father Christmas figure….

Our kitchen Christmas tree…this is where I hang all of the kid’s ornaments, that they have made in school.  This tree may be my favorite!  So special!

More of our kitchen tree…

Kitchen table…ready for dinner…

 My sweet little girl, Brooke, ready for dinner…

I love our Christmas kitchen!!! Merry, Merry Ya’ll!!!

Wishing You All a Merry Season With Flair,

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  • Elizabeth

    It's all beautiful! (and your blog is looking great!). I especially love the dog peeking in the window. He could be my dog's twin!

    Merry Christmas! – Elizabeth

  • Amanda

    Love your tree & the snowman plates!

  • Mom of the Twinkies and Tot!

    Those plates are really pretty!

  • Miss Charming

    Love the photo of the dog peeking in the window. And such a pretty silver tree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405515708 Dissertation

    I look so fraowrd to each new post! I am a pastor’s wife very far away from any family and have to be so careful of my friendships so as not to appear to play favorites. You don’t know it but you are my BFF! Your post is anyway! It encourages me so that I too can encourage all those we minister to! You have given me the motivation to be a good wife, mom, granny, and homemaker! I have read all your old posts and when I need a lift for the day I just go back and read them all over again! I am a southern girl, born and bred but have been transplanted in the far northeast and my, oh my, what a huge difference! Thank you times a million for all you unknowlingly have done for me! Just when my days are no longer bearable because of hearing all the horrors of peoples lives (they don’t contact the pastor with good news) I can escape to a place you have created for me that along with the Word of God and encouragement reminds me how very blessed we are as a family to have the priviledge to serve God by serving others! God Bless You Miss Ruth!

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