Pancakes In Your Pajamas Party!

December 28, 2014

Well…..I’m about to share a SUPER FUN and truly EASY party theme and party idea for your holidays.   This party can “happen” for any holiday or, a birthday party as well.   Over the years, I have been greatly influenced by Ina Garten, AKA, The Barefoot Contessa.  Her whole message is “make it easy”,  and, she always provides the BEST entertaining tips and shortcuts.   Honestly,  in the past, I would make things HARD on myself…..I would stress over every little detail and, by the time the event arrived, I was keyed up and tired.   This is no way to be a good hostess.   An event truly needs to be all about your guests and, their enjoyment.   Thus, this “PANCAKES IN YOUR PAJAMAS” party was conceived this year in the Bryson household and, I do believe it will be an annual event for us.   We had the BEST time!

My beloved husband of almost 21 years is the great pancake chef.   He is GREAT at standing over the griddle and cooking the pancakes to perfection.

I set up a “pancake bar” with the following toppings:

– Mini marshmallows

– White chocolate chips

– Fruit Snacks

– Mini peppermints

– Coconut

– Fudge Sauce

– Whipped Cream

– Sliced Bananas and Strawberries

– Maple Syrup

– Red Christmas Sugar

The pancakes?   EASY!   The pancake mix that is add water only.   * Mix it up 30 minutes before the party and, you are all set.

I served the following beverages:



Orange Juice

Since my husband and I welcomed our friends over earlier this month, I wanted this event to be all about our children…..inviting families whose children are friends of our children.   * This worked out so GREAT, because we love the parents too!

I sent invitation several weeks prior to the event.   This season becomes quite busy, you always want to “get the word out” ASAP.

*FLAIR TIP:    Use paper products for serving the food and drink.  Easy clean up!   I used a bright yellow, red and lime green color scheme for this party.   I wanted the colors to be especially fun for children. 

OH, I do ADORE a party favor!   As each family left, they received a can of pancake mix.   These were easy to “wrap”– simply tied a festive bow around each can and, done!   I have a “less than $5” rule for party favors…..helps me to stay on budget.  My daughter and I wore matching Christmas aprons.   Here she is soliciting her Dad for more chocolate syrup.  =)

I call these the “beach girls”.    We have been blessed to be down in Perdido Key, FL.  with these girls, during FALL breaks.  A fun crew!  This Memory book is a something I love to keep year over year.   So special….a “diary” of our holiday times.   I have our guests sign in when they arrive.  Friends and family visitors are one of my MOST favorite things during the holidays, such a blessing!  The pancake bar, all ready to go. I hope and pray that your holiday season has been special and magical.  I cannot think of a more special Christmas season than this year, 2014.   We have been so blessed and, we have kept Christ and HIS blessed birth at the very top of our thankful list.

I truly hope you will use this fun party theme soon!   Wouldn’t this be adorable for a child’s birthday party?  Who doesn’t want to eat pancakes in their pajamas?

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR in 2015!

Living With Flair and A Full Heart,


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