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August 3, 2012

The beginning of a new school year feels like January 1st to me, in many ways.  I begin to get in my “organization mode”, and move out of the “lazy-days-of summer” mode.  This week has been a marker for me in getting into my school year ‘lane’.  One thing I am super excited to share with ya’ll is a new prayer system that my dear mother-in-law helped me start this summer.  What a GREAT and God fearing Mom-in-law I have been blessed with!  Patricia Bryson is truly a woman of spiritual strength and, I LOVE this prayer notebook that she created just for me.  (What a thoughtful gift!)

She and I both recently read, Paul E. Miller’s:  A Praying Life.  I can’t tell you enough….this book has CHANGED my prayer life.  A MUST read!  Very easy to read and, Paul shares very personal stories that are inspiring, pertaining to prayer.   Paul shares, in the last chapter of the book, a “How To” method of implementing a system by which to pray.  He says to use 3 X 5 notecards and, he gives examples.

My mom-in-law took this system one step further (I love it!) and, punched 2 holes in each 3 X 5 card and, then, placed the cards in a small plastic 2-ring binder.  *Found at any grocery or office supply store.  She even added little dividers to the notebook.

My favorite thing?  The size of the notebook is so handy!  I take it with me in my purse or, by itself, in my car.  I can easily hold it while I am making supper or, sit and pray/thumb through it while I am waiting for an appointment.

You can make any card titles that you want or have a need for, but, I will share mine:

Card 1:  John  (requests for my dear husband)  * I truly pray that I will always be his biggest prayer warrior.

Cards 2-6: A card for each of my children.  I pray for my children by name and, ask God to help them be kind hearted, have hearts toward HIM and, I pray for their future spouses and, for God’s very best plan for their lives.  I also pray for wisdom as I parent them and, as each of them struggle in different areas of obedience.  I am seeing SO many neat answers to prayer!   Specific answers….very encouraging!

Card 7:  My church.  I pray for our church leadership, our volunteers (to feel appreciated and loved), our couples (to have strong marriages), our youth (to be totally committed to Christ forever) and, mostly, for our church to be a BEACON of light in our city.

Card 8:  My small group.  The Lord has been so good to give me a small group of women that I meet with on a regular basis.  I am very serious about praying for each of them on a regular basis, as they also pray for me.

Card 9: My city.  Oh!  I pray, pray, PRAY for the city of Memphis, Tennessee!  I pray for crime to decrease, more jobs, people who are without money, our wonderful mayor (AC Wharton), our policemen, our firemen, our schools…..I pray for so many needs in our city and, I continually see the Lord answering prayer!

Card 10: My country.  I pray for wisdom for our President.  I pray we will be a moral country.  A God fearing country.  I pray for our young men in the armed forces.  I pray for peace in our nation. I pray for protection of our nation. I pray that God will be honored and exalted in our nation.

Card 11: My friends.  I pray specifically for the needs of close friends.  I am always honored if a friend will trust me with a struggle or a prayer request.  I am honored to hear the request and take this to the Lord in prayer.

Card 12:  Our extended families:  John and I have 4 parents, 5 siblings/5 siblings-in-laws and 21 nieces and nephews between our two families.  WOW!  That is amazing!  We also have 103 years of marriage with our parent’s marriages combined…isn’t that great???  All this to say….I want to be covering these relatives in prayer.  Praying for their marriages, them as parents, for their safety…..this prayer notebook gives me a ‘spot’ to write down the needs in our family.

Card 13:  My Children’s Schools:  I pray for their teachers, their classmates, the school leadership, the coaches.  I pray that the marriages of the families would stay strong.  I pray that the children in each of my children’s classes would blend well and be kind to one another.  I pray for my involvement in my children’s schools, that the Lord would show me EXACTLY where He would like me to volunteer.  Oh Lord, not my will, but your own.

* Okay…..I could literally write out 20 more prayer cards, but, this gives you ideas, I hope!   There are SO many urgent things we must take to the Lord, every single day!  Right off the top-of-my-head, these scripture come to mind:  “Pray without ceasing”, “The prayer of the righteous availeth much”.  The Bible teaches prayer, over and over again!  We must become prayer warriors and, I am finding out, the more I pray, the more PEACEFUL my heart is!  The worry and anxiety that I tend to lean toward just evaporates as my prayer life increases.

Come on, why don’t you give this notebook a try?  Leave a comment if you have a question or, let me know how prayer has changed your life.  I love to read comments from ya’ll!  So encouraging!

Nana ( this is what I call my M-I-L ) wrote me a personal blessing, as an introduction to my prayer notebook.  So sweet!  She wrote out a blessing and a prayer for my life….means the world to me!  I read it often.

My Mom-In-Law wrote me a blessing in the front of the notebook….such a treasure!

There is NO comparison to a hand written note!!   I will keep this forever!

                                                                                                                                    A card for my husband                                                                                                                          A prayer card for each of my children                                                                                                                        A prayer card for my children’s schools                                                                                                                                        A prayer card for my city                                       Look how great the size of this notebook is!  This easily slides in your purse or, you can even set it in your car and pick it up

while you are waiting for a train to pass or, while sitting in stacked up traffic.

I am so excited for you to start your very own prayer notebook!  Our prayer life can seem overwhelming because there are SO many needs in our lives and within our friendship circles and families.  This little notebook has truly helped me feel like I have a “handle on” my prayer life and, I continually ask the Lord to bring to my mind new and creative topics to be praying for.    Get started!  You will really be so glad!      

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  • Chyrll

    I’m reading/listening to A Praying Life now. Taking a 3×5 prayer notebook w/me is great! That’s also how I review scripture. Thanks Beth! (Truly you are blessed with a wonderful MIL!)

  • Cassi Wortham

    Love this idea and love you and your heart for prayer Beth!! I am going to order that book right now and share this with my facebook friends! Thank you for sharing!!

  • susan@avintagefarmwife

    What a great idea! I’m going to pin the book title now so that I don’t forget it.

  • Destiny Hisey

    I love this idea! I’m pinning this and will get my own prayer book created.

  • Dana Melissa Bennett Carvin

    I love this idea! I love my prayer time but sometimes I feel like I am always forgetting someone or something. So now I won’t have that feeling anymore thanks to you sharing this wonderful idea! God Bless you and your Mother-In-Law.

  • Paula

    Oh my goodness. What a fabulous idea. Your post is so inspirational. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


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