June 4, 2011

My family and I are preparing to leave on vacation, this coming Wednesday.  We will be gone for 11 days.  EXCITING!  Since we are driving eastward, to the beach, my husband has asked me to pack only the necessities.  He is a very gifted packer!  He rolls up his clothing in a neat fashion and, he never packs too much, always the perfect amount.  A few weeks ago, I decided, with five children, I MUST become more proficient at packing for a long vacation.

I am SO excited about the extra large tote bags that I ordered from Land’ End!  They arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon and, each child has their own bag.  These large tote bags will make packing a ‘snap’ AND, now, all I need to do is carefully pack each child’s items in his/her bag and, away we go!  

Packing for vacation can be trying.  Take some time to organize the method by which you pack this summer.  You will not regret it.  PACKING WITH FLAIR….well worth the effort!

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