Say “I Love You” Every Day!

January 27, 2013

Our family truly had a health scare this week.  Our beloved “Pop”, my precious father-in-law, Dr. Jerry Marcus Bryson, suffered a heart attack.  He was having a routine checkup done and, his heart stopped for over 3 minutes.  The talented team of doctors revived him.  The Lord was not ready to take him to Heaven yet.  We are truly thankful to have him HERE for more years to come, thank you God!

Is there someone you love very much that you need to call or write?  You see, “Pop” is one of the neatest men I have ever known!  He is generous, always kind, unselfish, a devoted husband (married to my dear Mom in-law, Pat Bryson, for 53 years!), an amazing father, loves the Lord and extremely amazing!  I believe he knows how I feel about him, but, I am going to tell him even MORE often, how MUCH I love him!

The Lord is the giver and the taker of our lives.  We never know what might happen in a day.  We are all rushing around and super busy.   Taking time to call the loved ones in your life only takes a quick minute.  OR…..write a letter or a card and, tell a family member or close friend how MUCH you love them.

Living with FLAIR means:   Telling your loved ones and friends : I LOVE YOU.

  • Patricia W. Bryson

    Thank you, dear Beth! We love you. Nana and Pop

  • Jerry Bryson

    Beth, I have just read your nice tribute. The Lord and His Word have become more and more real to me in recent weeks. I love you and John and the five little ones and pray for you every day! Love, POP

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