Simple and Elegant Baby Boy Shower For My Sweet Nephew ~ Due in February

November 24, 2012

My Mother, sister and I threw an impromptu baby shower for my sweet nephew, due in February 2013.  My sister-in-law, Kim Holt, is married to my younger brother Ben.  They have two sweet girls, and, now, are so excited to be expecting a boy!

I truly love to throw a party along side my dear mother, any chance I get.  Marcie Holt is one of the most talented hostesses I have ever known.  The woman is a master entertainer!  She never appears stressed, she throws an event with such ease and class, and, this occasion was no different.

Mom was visiting us in Memphis two weeks ago, and, one evening, she and I decided we wanted to give a shower for this sweet unborn boy.  Please note: showers do NOT have to be too planned to be awesome and, you need not have a bunch of food and fuss.  This shower was a good “old fashioned” shower, with yummy cake, nuts and mints on the table and, simple fresh flower arrangements.   Mom created the darling invitations on her computer.  Kim invited some good friends and, the shower was “on”.   We needed to keep things simple, because the shower was the day before Thanksgiving.  I do believe a great time was had by all and, my favorite part, my mom’s house was “humming” with sounds of great fellowship and celebration, honoring this sweet unborn baby boy.

My daughter, Brooke, helped lay out the forks.  Note: we used mom’s stainless, again, simple and pretty, no need to polish silver!                                  Adorable cake!  Adorable!  Mom asked the local grocery store bakery to replicate the invitation design on to the cake, great idea!                                                                                         Pretty nut holder.  Mom painted this in her china painting group.I asked my mom to pick up flowers, again, from the local grocery store (Easy!  One stop shopping!) and, I used her dishes to create a simple table display.   We served coffee and, yummy punch……look how pretty her white cups look!   Again, we used her every day pottery vs. china.     I especially love the fresh              basket of lemons….straight off of my parent’s lemon tree-  love the sight of them!

                                                   You can’t beat Jordan almonds!  Who doesn’t love these?  Pretty for a shower!  I bought these at Target.                                                                                                                                 Gifts for the sweet baby boy!  This punch is the BEST!  I have made it and served it for years!!!!!   1 large bottle white grape juice  mixed with 3/4 a bottle (2 liter size) Ginger Ale.  Ice ring- place a carton of blueberries and a carton of raspberries in the bottom of a bundt pan- fill pan with Ginger Ale and freeze until party time.  Run warm water over the pan to loosen the ring.  Gently ‘float’ in punch.                Sweet Mama to be!   My sister in law, Kim Holt.   Kim is dear!  I have known her since she was in college and, she is a devoted wife and mom.  She adores my younger brother and, I love watching this precious family!

                                                                                 My sister, Patti Holt Weaver,  me, Kim, and my dear mom, Marcie Holt. Do not hesitate to host a simply planned and elegant baby or wedding shower.  This shower took place at 2:00 p.m. , at this hour, there is no need for a lot of food, since guests would have already eaten lunch.  Simply serve a good cake, mixed nuts, good mints, punch and coffee and, you are READY!   This shower was so much fun!   Hosting with FLAIR  is simple, elegant and, most of all, memorable for the honoree.

One last note:  Keep your table cloths pressed and ready at ALL times!  My mom (again, I watch and learn from her over the years)- she simply pulled a gorgeous Battenburg lace cloth out from her linen closet and, WAH LAH, we were “party ready”.

Thankful for my wonderful readers!!!!!

Hugs and Living With Flair,


  • Martha Hunt

    Lovely. Great job, Marcie and Beth!

  • Beth Bryson

    This was like being there; loved seeing the pictures. You all are awesome!

  • Pat Bryson

    I put your email instead of mine LOL

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