March 23, 2011

SPRING!  I truly LOVE home organization and, although, at times, I find myself overwhelmed with cleaning out drawers, clothing and cabinets….for some reason, the start of SPRING inspires me to organize and clean out, more than any other time of the year!  YOU CAN DO IT!  No matter what state your home is in, you CAN get on top of it and ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE!   Are you already organized?  Look around your house for even MORE ways to clean out and donate to a great charity.  Are you feeling like your house is in complete disarray?  NO PROBLEM!  You can start one room at a time and, friend, I ASSURE you, you WILL GET THERE!!

We are truly living in a “STUFF” society!  Any time I go to the grocery there is a great sale!  There are good deals ALL AROUND!  From TJ MAXX to Internet specials, our tendency to accumulate MORE and MORE items is tempting.

TAKE TIME TO CLEAR OUT before you buy another thing!! Currently, I LOVE to donate to GOODWILL.  There are several convenient drop off locations near our house and, I can easily clean out one of the children’s closets, pack the items in a sack and, drop it off–all within a 1 1/2 hour block of time.  TRULY FEELS GREAT!

Currently, I know of several families who are trying to raise money for overseas  adoptions.  One method by which they are raising money to fund the adoption is by asking people to donate items for a big garage sale/fund raiser. *A great cause to clean out your closets and drawers!  Your unused items could help expand a family!  

  • Take one room at a time.  Depending on how determined you are: start with one room per week or, one room per day.
  • Do NOT get overwhelmed! Do not think in terms of what ALL needs to be organized.  ‘Tackle’ your house or apartment in baby steps!  Dedicate one hour a day to work on organizing.  *You can even watch a favorite television program while you clean out a drawer or a cabinet.
  • ASK FOR HELP!  There are many GIFTED home organizers out there!  Ask for help!  Hire a professional to help you ( normally, they charge between $60-$70/hour) and, you will not regret it!  I currently have several friends who specialize in home organization.  Several months ago, my friend Brooke Green came over and organized our pantry.  WOW!  The pantry “MAKEOVER” really made a difference in our daily life!  
  • Closets and Clothing– The children grow out of their clothing QUICKLY!  What about your own closet?  Go ahead and implement my ‘hard and fast’ 6 -MONTH RULE.  Every 6 months, go through your closet and drawers AND your accessories (earrings, bracelets, purses, etc.) — ANY item that you have not donned in the past 6 months (NO EXCEPTIONS!) is donated to charity.  NO MATTER WHAT!  * Even if the item was expensive or is sentimental —- CLEAN IT OUT AND DONATE IT!!   I adopted this method 8 years ago when we were living in a house with VERY limited storage and, I have never been the same since!!  CLEAN IT OUT and, CUT DOWN CLUTTER!
  • I am a HUGE believer that order in the home cultivates a peaceful environment.  Try it out and, SEE for yourself!  *For example, a cleared off table with a candle burning in the center or an arrangement of fresh flowers is a very peaceful place to serve dinner vs. a table cluttered with mail. 
  From THE COMPANY STORE .  These stack able bins would look CUTE in a child’s closet or, in a pantry.  You could also use them in a laundry room. Stack up three or five of them.
AWESOME basket from Crate & Barrel!  This would look GREAT with blankets
stacked in it or, as toy storage. 
AWESOME toy storage!  My daughter has these bins in her room and,  they help cut out clutter.  From LAND OF NOD .  The Storagepalooza is a MUST!  
LAND OF NOD again!  Isn’t this CUTE?  Books in a child’s room can get cluttered FAST!  Use this wonderful book organizer in order to get a handle on it! 
From TARGET, the SEVILLE CLASSICS CHROME shelf is a neat item for organizing!   This would look GREAT as storage for dishes or cookbooks out in the open, in your kitchen.  A very clean and modern look.  I currently have one in a closet full of items for a party.  I call it “The PARTY closet”.  The shelf holds glass plates, a large coffee maker and, LOTS of other great items to throw an event!  LOVE!!! 
MAGAZINES!   I currently subscribe to seven magazines per month.   One of my most FAVORITE resources for all things HOME!   What to do with issues that can easily pile up?  These magazine
holders are ideal.  
SHOP GET ORGANIZED and you can get your magazines in tip top shape! 
CONTAINER STORE ,  These storage bins are stack able and really great for your pantry.  Do not forget to add a label to the basket, in order to make locating items even easier!


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