The Art of Home Fragrance

July 16, 2011

Recently, I was asked by a friend, about home fragrance and, what my recommendations are for keeping the home smelling good.  I am thrilled to share this information, because, in fact, keeping wonderful scents in my home is truly a long standing hobby of mine.  There is an art to making the home smell DELICIOUS and, inviting.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you to keep your home smelling so good….your guests will never want to depart.  I guarantee it….

  1. Always be on the look out for candles and, very important, know your brands.   Here are my top 5 favorite candle brands and, they all can be found on the internet, OR, check local stores who may carry them.   *Flair Tip:  Don’t know a lot about candles?  The next time you are in someone’s home where a wonderful scent draws your attention- do not hesitate to ask the host what the scent is.  The host will be flattered that you asked and, you will learn something to help improve your home. 
  • Trapp Candles,  TRAPP.   No. 61, “Quince and Pomegranate” is divine!   ANY of their scents are going to be well worth your money.   Very fragrant and, they burn slowly.  I have consistently used the scent “Orange Vanilla“, over the years— one of my staples. 
  • Tyler Candles.  Tyler Candle Company.  Their “Limelight” scent is wonderful!
  • Seda France.  SEDA FRANCE.  “French Tulip” and “Japanese Quince” are my Flair picks.
  • Votivo.  VOTIVO CANDLES.  Their “Red Currant” is iconic and, I love the “Vanilla  Grapefruit“- you truly cannot go wrong with ANY of their scents. Their scents are a luxury to enjoy. 
  • Aromatique. AROMATIQUE. These candles have been a MUST in my home for over 17 years (my entire married life!).  For Spring: “The Smell of Spring”; For Fall: “Cinnamon Cider”; For Christmas: “The Smell of Christmas”.  I buy each of these scents in a large jar size and in the votive size. AMAZING scents that instantly send a message ‘announcing’ the season. 

     2.  The Candle Pantry:  I keep candles in their very own ‘pantry’ right inside a large drawer in an antique English pine chest that is in my entry hall.  I shop all year long for wonderful candles and, often, find candles on sale at stores such as: TJ MAXX and, TUESDAY MORNING.  *A great time to buy candles is after the season.  For example, after Christmas, shop the sales and, you will often find good candles for 50% off the regular price. Since my chest is full of all my favorite scents, when ever I have guests coming over, I know that I can ‘dip’ in to my drawer and, pull out a delicious smelling scent.  Readiness for a well fragranced home– this is key. 

    3.  Light Bulb rings.  Place a brass or a ceramic ring on a lamp and add, 1/2 t. of a fragrant oil.  The heat from the light will send the oil scent wafting in to your room and, this is a great way to make your home smell good.  * The Aromatique company (listed above) make fragrant oils in all of their scents.  I keep 5 to 6 fragrance oils on hand at all times.  In the event that you have unpleasant odors arise in your home, these oils are a perfect way to combat them. Light Bulb Fragrance Rings .

   4.  Reed Diffusers.  Diffusers are a wonderful way to add a fresh scent to a space in your home.  These can be found at many specialty stores.  The reeds stick out from the jar of oil and, right away, your room will be fragrant. I like these products because they typically will last for 4-6 months. A good investment.  Check out the “Island Grapefruit” diffuser by VOTIVO.  Perfect!!! 

Get started on making your home a place filled with wonderful fragrances.  A home that ‘welcomes’ a guest with a fabulous scent TRULY is a home with FLAIR!  The ‘Art’ of a fragrant home….truly worth your time and energy. 

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