V A C A T I O N ! ! ! LOVING IT!

June 10, 2011

AHHHH!  Summer vacation!  Have you made your plans yet?  I promise, some time spent outside of your normal ‘day-to-day’ will do your heart GOOD!  You may choose to travel far away, one hour away or even, a popular “STAYCATION”…..where you stay HOME and, cancel all your plans, turn off your cell phone, do not check email and, ENJOY your very own surroundings.  

We departed from Memphis, TN. yesterday.  We drove about 80 miles past Atlanta, Georgia to a beautiful lake area. REYNOLDS PLANTATION.  I am truly relaxed and LOVING LIFE with my sweet family~ take a vacation as soon as you can…you will be VERY glad you did! 

The wraparound porch….a great place to drink coffee and watch the sun rise…….
I  LOVE to relax and thumb through magazines on vacation!  Here are two of my favorites:
My sweet girl LOVES the lake!
Water baby!  He is LOVING it!!!!
My FAVE sunglasses EVER!  Aviators by RAY BAN.  I have had this pair over 8 years and, they are AWESOME!
SAND between my toes!  A SURE sign that you are on vacation!  Nail color is by OPI.
My children enjoyed building this sand castle for HOURS this morning!
FUN TIMES and MEMORIES in the making!


Overlooking the pool and the lake
Do you have vacation plans?  I would LOVE to know what you have planned!  Feel free to comment or FACEBOOK  me!    



  • Holly Dennis

    Looks like an amazing vacation spot and you seem to be having a blast! We'll go down to the coast, Port Aransas at the end of the month with some friends. I'm really looking forward to it!

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