We Welcomed Our Sixth Child HOME Last Week!

November 14, 2013

Hi Everyone!  I apologize that I have not written a post in quite a few weeks……you see, the past 6-8 weeks have been a bit of a blessed WHIRLWIND!

We learned this past April, that we would be adopting again.  We have been SO excited to welcome our new little one, toward the end of November.  Honestly, I think I did not want to get my hopes too high….while we waited….I felt sure that the adoption would go through with no problem, however, as an adoptive mom who has been through some very difficult adoption situations, I always “guard my heart” a bit, until the baby is “on the ground”, so to speak.

Things changed on a dime!  Very early on September 29th, we received a call that our sweet new son had been born.  WHAT?  It wasn’t time yet!  But, ahhhh yes, it was the Lord’s PERFECT time!  He was just 3 pounds, 7 ounces and, born at 31 weeks.  My heart raced as I asked the attending physician (out-of-state) how he was doing.   The physician said “perfectly fine, just small”.   OH!  Thank you Lord!  Thank you!

The nurses kept calling that day, “What is his name?”.   OH!   OH MY!  A name!  What is his name???  Literally, I thought my phone would explode as the group texting between, my husband, my Mom, my Mom-in-law, sister and sister-in-laws went back and forth, back and forth.  After all, we had to decide on a one syllable “B” boy name and, we had to decide NOW!


Bayne Bryson.

All of the “votes” came in from our family — votes of approval on this great and strong name.

Now for the middle name…..decisions!


You see, each of our children have a “B” one syllable name and, each of them have a middle name that is after someone in our family.  Someone very significant.

Charles David Morton is our “unofficial” family.  We call him CD.  CD and my husband have been dear friends since they were boys.  CD is the first one of John’s friends that I met, over 22 years ago.   My husband had told me so many nice things about him, before I met him.   I loved CD from the minute I met him.   How could you not love someone who, upon first meeting, gives you a HUGE bear hug, right in the middle of the airport?  We love CD and, most of all, we admire his strong character, his leadership capacity and the great husband and father that he is.  Morton is Bayne’s wonderful middle name.

Bayne stayed in the hospital NICU, out of state, for over 5 weeks.  Those 5 weeks felt more like 5 MONTHS to this mama, as I commuted back and forth, out to see him and, then, back to our sweet five children……out to see him, leaving him there ……crying all the way home…..back to our sweet five here…..

And, then, ALAS!  The doctor called last Monday and said, he is ready to come HOME!!!!  MUSIC to my ears!  I was overjoyed!!!!!

My dear and servant hearted husband,  actually flew out last Wednesday to pick up Bayne and bring him home.  What an AMAZING “Dad-of-the-year”!!!!!

Bayne has been home just one week and, I do not think a baby could be more LOVED!

The older children love to LOVE ON HIM and, look at him and, ask to hold him.  With supervision, of course.

He is a sweet new baby and, we have been SO deeply touched by the support poured out on us from dear family and friends.  You never really know how MUCH it means for people to bring you meals, diapers, etc. until you are truly in a place of need.  YES…..this mama of six sweet children, 8 and under is NEEDY and, I do NOT know what I would do without my friends right now……being the recipient of sweet acts of kindness has my heart very FULL during this season of THANKSGIVING.

God is bigger that ANY prayer or dream we might have.

I wake up these days, literally wondering if I am dreaming.   Me?  A mother of six children?  Me?  The person who was not able to conceive a biological child?  WOW!  My life is both sleep deprived (thank goodness for strong coffee!) and, full of JOY!

Thank you Lord for your abundant gifts of giving us these children.  Truly, I can’t believe it!   All praise to you God! – Amen

Thank you for reading about our new addition!!!!!

Hope you have a blessed day!

Love and Hugs,

Mom of Six ( Beth )

  • Karen Thompson

    We are so happy for you and your family! So amazing to see how God is blessing you, John and your sweet family.
    Love you all,
    Karen Thompson

  • Elizabeth H.

    I am so happy for you and your family, Beth. Welcome baby Bayne!

  • megan staggs

    Beautiful! Tears are in my eyes of how sweet and gracious our God is! Welcome Home baby Bayne!

  • Deanna White

    Congratulations! God is so good! So happy for you and your family.

  • Kaye Nicholson

    Praises be to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

  • Margaret

    Love Love Love this post Beth! Bayne is a beautiful wee blessing. Hugs to all! Margaret, Lily and Graeme

  • Marjorie Hill

    How exciting and marvelous, Beth. I rejoice with you! Love you,
    Aunt Marge

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