Wrapped In Him~ Awesome Giveaway!!!

April 10, 2012

Hello all you wonderful readers!  I am super excited to offer you a chance to enter  this wonderful giveaway!  A wonderful former college friend of mine, Tori Miller has a PRECIOUS little girl, named Kyndall Miller.  Kyndall has started making these really cool “Wrapped In Him” bracelets and necklaces…..and ALL  (yes, ALL!) proceeds go straight toward funding young people to go on mission trips to places like Kenya, etc.  SO awesome!!!!  Go Kyndall Go!!!!  Kyndall’s bracelet and necklace sales are helping to send young people around the globe to share the Gospel…SO GREAT!!!!

I am giving away a $50 gift certificate toward any Wrapped In Him items.  Here are the simple giveaway rules for entry:

1) Please leave me a comment and share how you feel “Wrapped in Him (Christ)” right now.

2) Please share my giveaway on your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter account

3) Please follow my blog, via the “Linky Follower” in the right hand column.  ( I would be so grateful!)

I will be randomly drawing a winner on Friday, April 13th.  Please enter today and, share this with your friends.  Let’s spread the word about these awesome “Wrapped In Him” products!!!!     I have ordered several bracelets and, I LOVE wearing them on the same arm, with my big watch….ADORABLE!







  • http://www.myheartsdesireblog.com Amanda

    Love these bracelets! I would say that God is faithfully revealing Himself to me right now through His Word. It has been such a comfort knowing He speaks the exact words I need at the exact perfect time through His Word…that is how I feel “wrapped in Christ” right now.

  • Julie

    These are very unique and clever-how bout a tutorial your friends daughter would probably enjoy making a video or doing the step by step photos and it is good experience for her too.

  • Kate in Austin

    Right now I am feeling calm wrapped in Him. My mom got the final diagnosis yesterday of Parkinson’s. she is struggling so much. I feel though that God has us all wrapped in his arms and has a plan for us to make it through this.

  • Ljcajuns

    I have bought several of Kyndall’s awesome bracelets. I am so proud of what she is doing. She must be an amazing young lady! What you didnt mention is that Kyndall is the lone surviving triplet from an extremely premature birth. I have had 2 boys that weighed 1 pound each and in that time I learned what it meant to be “Wrapped in Him”. Jesus wraps us up and take care of us everyday if we let him, just like he did with Kyndall and my boys!

    • Tori Miller

      Thank you for sharing this another amazing detail of K’s life of being WrappedInHim!!
      Love, tori (Kyndall’s moms)

  • Jordanmgaines

    I have several bracelets from WrappedInHim! I absolutely love them and what Kyndall is doing to help fund friends to go on mission trips. And being able to go share God’s word with others in other countries. Also, it’s a great way for me to share the gospel with others when they ask about the bracelets. Kyndall’s family has been family friends of my family for many years, and I love getting to support her with this cause. She is a great young woman!

  • Twoalsups

    Such an awesome thing…such a wonderful cause…I am so proud to be a small part of it.

  • kristin

    LOVE these bracelets…so cool and a wonderful idea! what an inspiration. 🙂
    feeling “wrapped in Him” right now as we have been praying for over a year for a new job for my husband.

  • Carla Thomas

    I love Kendall and like her idea. But yeah I’m kinda wondering about the age of young people as described in this blog post LOL


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