Yet, Another Fall Candle-of-the-Month!

September 20, 2011

Hello friends!  Okay…I confess, I can’t get enough of fall smelling candles!  So…here is another candle “must-have” for this season. This one will cost you $7.00…is that a great deal, or what??  I actually picked this candle up at Kroger yesterday (for those out-of-state: this is our local grocery store!).  I once heard Nate Berkus say, “You can find great stuff anywhere, as long as you open your eyes and look for it.”…I LOVE this!  So true!  Over the years, I have held to the theory that more expensive candles, i.e.:  Yankee, Aromatique, Seda France, Trapp and Root are the way to go, because these products always have a very strong scent.

Well…I decided to go out on a limb yesterday and, buy this yummy candle at Kroger .  WOW!  Am I glad that I did!!!  This cheaper candle line is now stronger than ever!  This candle (see below) is made by Candle-Lite.  I bought the “Cinnamon Pecan Swirl”  —YUMMY!  Have had it burning for the past 2 hours and, as my husband is working late (until 8 p.m.) each night this week…this candle is literally making my senses ‘sing’ as I fed the children dinner and, am now, about to start bath time. 

This is the best $7.00 I have spent in a long while!  Grab one up as soon as you can!  

My whole house smells like pecan pie!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Hugs to every single one of you!!!  ~ Beth

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