May 13, 2011

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Are you a praying person?  Would someone describe you as a man or a woman of prayer?  A consistent prayer life is an absolute MUST for getting through the ‘dailyness’ of your life.  I believe that a MAJOR key of a successful prayer life is to be consistent and get (and STAY) organized.

Start a prayer notebook TODAY!  Here is the method by which I organize my own and, I promise, this will take you less than 30 minutes to put together.  The results of an organized prayer life are LIFE CHANGING!

Create ORDER in your prayer life and, you will be MOTIVATED and INSPIRED to keep it up.  The BEST part?  You will literally start to SEE prayers being answered and, your faith will grow and, you will be CHANGED!  Prayer CHANGES things!!!  Prayer changes our HEARTS!  Prayer changes our thought life and, our PERSPECTIVE!

Find a three-ring binder.  There is a GREAT selection of binders at Office Max.  Purchase notebook dividers and, a pencil case.

TAB 1:
Write (or use a label maker):  PERSONAL

  1. FIRST page of paper, write a prayer of THANKSGIVING to God
  2. SECOND page:  write a list of your SPIRITUAL goals for 2011.  Examples: Read through the entire Bible this year, read a new book each month on a spiritual topic.
  3. THIRD page: write “Scripture Memory” and, list several scriptures that you will commit to memorize this month.  YOU CAN DO IT!
TAB 2:
Write:   ACTS
A- is for Adoration
C- is for Confession
T- is for Thanksgiving
S- is for Supplication

Add several sheets of blank paper behind this tab.  As you feel led (daily or, as often as you feel led).  Use these pages to write down prayers of A-C-T-S.  This method allows you to pray and not feel overwhelmed.   I have been using this method for many years and, it is WONDERFUL!

TAB 3:
Write:  MARRIAGE (if you are single, write SINGLE)  (Tape or glue a picture of your spouse on the front of the divider).  Truly is NEAT to pray for him/her as you glance at their picture. 

List your prayer requests for your mate and your marriage behind this tab.  Are you single?  List prayers for yourself: goals for yourself both spiritually, emotionally and physically.  
* Page format for prayer requests (credit for this idea: John W. Bryson- the strongest prayer warrior that I know!).  First Column: Prayer Request   Second Column:  Date Prayed  Third Column: Date Answered.  * Once you receive an answer, highlight the ROW with the color yellow.  TRULY amazing and inspiring to be able to go back and LOOK at all of the answered prayers!!!!

TAB 4:

Oh!  That we may be in DAILY and CONSTANT prayer for our children!  Whether they are young or grown, PRAY for them specifically EVERY day!  *Place each of their pictures on the front of the divider in order that you can pray for them while looking at their sweet faces.

TAB 5:

Pray for your local church.  Pray for the leaders.  Pray specifically for people in your church and, for their needs.  Pray for the the church to continue to be engulfed in the Scripture.  Pray for your church to be a light in your city.  

TAB 6:

Record your ideas and goals for living a life of MINISTRY and OUT POURING in this section.  Record prayers for people in need, prayers for YOU —for you to continue to reach out to those in need. PRAY daily for God to USE you in your life to be OTHERS-CENTERED.  Ask God for CREATIVE ways to reach out to people EVERY day!  

Make your notebook and, get going on a life long journey of PRAYER!  *Please feel free to add other tabs/dividers, according to your needs and your specific life.  *This notebook is only ONE way to maintain a wonderful prayer life.  The most IMPORTANT thing is to A.B.P  (Always Be Praying!).  

I would like to thank Donna Gaines for making a BIG impression on my life with regards to being a woman of prayer.  She has truly been an influence on my life on this subject.  Her husband, Steve Gaines, is the Senior Pastor at:  BELLEVUE, here in Memphis, TN.  

I truly pray that you will become a man or woman of prayer.  You will be AMAZED at how PEACE will flood your soul, as you daily ask the Lord to BEAR your burdens.

  • Jennifer Snellings

    Beth, this is sooo awesome! Thank you so so much for sharing!! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now to help orgainize my prayer life. In the busyness and chaos of life with little ones, it is so hard to keep track of everything I want/need to be in prayer about. I've tried several methods but have yet to find one that really fits my needs…until now! Your prayer binder is so perfect! 🙂 Can't wait to set mine up!!

    I want you to know your blog has truly been a blessing to me! Your tips, recipes, home decor ideas and everything else has been such an encouragement to me as a mom who is trying to keep up when life seems to be flying by way too fast!!!

    Thanks so much again for sharing!
    Take care,

  • Lovethelordlively

    I love all these prayer notebooks I keep reading about. I would have to add a tab for the world. Pray big!!

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